Conversion Optimization

Why are you not converting more site visitors?

Learn how to better influence your site visitors in order to improve conversion rates. Whether the goal of your website is to sell products or generate leads, Pinpoint can help you streamline your sales funnel, promoting greater closure.

Through detailed analytic data analysis and content experimentation, we have optimized conversion rates for our clients by up to 40%. Knowing where your visitors came from, which pages they visit while on your site and where, when and why they leave is paramount to understanding what speaks to your audience and why you’re not converting more than you should. We help you to better persuade site visitors to complete the purchase process, closing more deals and generating more leads!

Pinpoint Online’s conversion rate optimization helps you improve your sales funnel, ensuring you convert higher percentages of site visitors than ever before.

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We’re sure you’ve heard the old SEO adage, “What’s the point of having a website if no one can find it?” Well there’s a new maxim for today’s competitive online business world that asks “What’s the point of having all that traffic if no one’s buying anything?”

If your site visitors can’t easily navigate your website or quickly understand what it is you’re trying to sell, they’ll move on to your competitor’s site, almost instantly. No one has the time or energy to have to work at buying something from your site; you need to make the process as simple, obvious and painless as possible.

Put CRO to the test

Conversion Rate Optimization does just that. It is the process of improving sales or lead generation from your existing traffic through testing multiple facets of your website, from design, image portrayal and site layout to sales messages and calls to action. It also entails simplifying and streamlining your sales funnel by removing any potential hurdles that may derail the purchase process.

CRO is not about investing more money into attracting more traffic; it is about squeezing the most out of your existing visitors through simplifying and enhancing the customer experience.

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